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There's nothing magical about marketing.  Sure, it feels that way when it works.  But like anything else, there's a process to it.  Once you know that process and embrace the 7-Figure Marketer's Mindset, it becomes hard NOT to convert and scale.

Curtis Moore

Direct Response Copywriter/Marketing Consultant

Thank you for your interest in my services …

If you’re in need of a knowledgeable marketing consultant and reliable direct response copywriter, you’re in the right place.  I combine 25 years of sales skills, with proven copywriting formulas and a deep understanding of marketing to deliver outstanding results.

However, if I were sitting across from you at your desk in the office, you’d have some basic questions to ask me before making a final decision.  Let me try to answer some of those now.


These days, I spend most of my time designing sales funnels and writing conversion rate optimization copy for clients that come to me via agency referral.  We combine forces to 2x, 3x, sometimes 5x landing page and sales funnel conversions for our clients.  That's great news for you because you can expect similar results when we work together.

Here is a brief overview of my history prior to my referral relationship ...

I discovered that I had a knack for writing good copy over 20 years ago during a broadcast copywriting course taken at Gannon University.

Upon graduating, I enjoyed time consulting with clients about marketing campaigns on radio, and my favorite part of the process was writing the copy. The local Disc Jockeys admitted to rushing for the opportunity to have the first crack at producing my entertaining and well-written radio ad scripts.

Since then I’ve grown in professional experiences …


I’ve been involved in complex B2B selling situations and skillfully articulated information that had to be delivered within the confines of strict guidelines and government regulations.

When you partner with me, you’re getting a business professional who has gone through rigorous training at a variety of top 10 Fortune 500 companies.  These organizations have helped me develop expert-level analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities. 

Why have I abandoned those cushy, high-income jobs?

Actually, I didn’t! 


They have continually abandoned me.  Three layoffs in five years with the pharmaceutical industry should be enough to encourage any sensible person to pursue their own thing.  

Besides, I’ve always wanted to be a copywriter and marketing consultant. Thanks to the internet … it's become possible to make that dream a reality.

5 Reasons to Partner with Me…

  1. Reliable.  I only take on assignments that I can fit into my schedule, and strive to complete your project ahead of time.  In addition, I only work with clients whom I'm confident that I can properly serve.

  2. Savant to Direct-Response Copywriting.  In addition to my AWAI training, I’ve studied the timeless teachings of Olgilvy, Sugarman, and Gary Halbert.  So you will be working with someone hell-bent on mastering the craft to get you stellar results.

  3. Seasoned Marketing Consultant.  The marketing landscape has gone through tremendous change since my days of selling radio advertising.  However, I’ve stayed up to date on many of the emerging channels.  As a result, I can design an online sales funnel and write clickass copy from top to bottom based on your avatar's market level of awareness.  

  4. Proven Process.  I’ve worked with enough clients in different industries to know that my process for marketing and copywriting flat-out works.  If you implement my strategy or copy you're guaranteed to get conversions.  I'm even willing to stick around and make sure of that!

  5. Copy Matched to the Consumer.  Whether your content is consumed by B2B clientele or B2C prospects, I have experience selling to both.  Before I ever put the proverbial pen-to-pad, you can be 100% certain that I perform thorough Avatar Research.


I’ve been in business as a copywriter for the past 5 years.

These days, most of my business comes via agency referral where we combine to increase conversions for clients.  This is great news for you because it means you’re actually getting a copywriter who’s got the chops to deliver you results.  Of course, you’ll still need an irresistible offer to the right target market to take full advantage of my capabilities.

Here are a few additional things about my background ... 

I am a graduate of the American Writers and Artists Institute’s direct response course (AWAI is the leader in copywriter training).

I’m also a graduate of Gannon University where I majored in Communications with a minor in Marketing.  During my studies, I was introduced to a Broadcast Copywriting course and would go on to discover I had a real knack for writing.

I would put this skill to use as a Marketing Consultant with a local radio station.  I wrote radio advertisements and created promotional campaigns for a wide variety of business clientele.

Most important to you, writing direct response copy isn’t a pastime hobby.  I implement every bit of my skill, passion, and business experience into each project.  After spending nearly 15 years in the B2B trenches selling … anticipating objections and providing an articulate response comes second nature.


I’m really quite versatile …

If you or your clients need B2B style communication, I’m the perfect fit.  The bulk of my experience involves presenting information that draws on more logic and less hype.

However, I also have the showmanship to sell consumers.   I can make a message stand out in a crowded marketplace, with all of the hype of a Tabloid Teaser when necessary.

In addition, you can leverage my existing expertise in the following industries:  entrepreneurship, real estate investing, sales, marketing, health, insurance, and business.

In healthcare, I have experience with asthma, allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), erectile dysfunction, menopause, overactive bladder, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, major depressive disorder, and clinical weight management.  This experience lends hand to helping me write high-converting copy in the health niche.

Please request to see some of my writing samples if you're in need of copywriting service.

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