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Industries Served

My referral relationship with a conversion rate optimization agency has given me the pleasure to write sales copy for a wide variety of niches.

I'm confident that I can serve each of these niches well because I rely on a proven process for writing high-converting sales copy.  I'm confident my process will deliver stellar results for you too!

Please use the "Contact Me" form below if you'd like to discuss working together.

Health & Beauty

I've taken on projects with several 7 and 8-figure supplement companies in the health niche.  I've also done work for a variety of cosmetic brands and healthcare organizations.  My background in pharmaceutical sales makes me a natural for this niche. 


I've taken on projects for a wide variety of physical products- e.g. hair removal products, electric razors, fishing equipment, and more.


Prior to coming into the online space, I spent most of my life selling in the business-to-business realm.  In particular, my time as a Marketing Consultant with a local radio station helped me get well-prepared for a lot of the things that I do today.

Coaches, Agencies, & Consultants

Coaches, Agencies, and Consultants all share similar struggles.  I know this first-hand because I've worked with Personal Development Coaches, Health Coaches and Agency Owners on their projects. 

Course Creators, Infopreneurs

I've helped course creators upsell and downsell their product offers by writing high-converting sales copy.  I even have experience with Big Ticket sales in this niche.


From email lift letters to landing page sales copy, I've done it all for this niche.  Please note:  you must be interested in compliant copy if you want me to take on a project in this highly regulated space.


Monthly Recurring Revenue ... that's the name of game in the SaaS niche.  While there are a lot of life-changing services in this space, I often find myself helping these founders improve their message so the content focuses more on the end-user transformation.

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