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Copywriting Services


A faux article designed to increase reader engagement, because it’s written like newsworthy content that educates the recipient.  Often used to refresh sales letters that have diminishing conversions.


Provide your customers with useful information in a downloadable guide.


An email designed to drive a recipient to a landing page.  The online equivalent to a 1 – 2 page sales letter.

Pay-per-click ads

Google or social media ad designed to drive a recipient to a landing page.  Length is dictated by the channel and there is a limitation on the total number of characters.

Short-length landing page copy

A simple landing page for a product or offer.  Often used for software demos, white ad:  headline, several paragraphs or bullet points of descriptive copy, and order portion.

Long-length landing page copy

The online equivalent of a 2 to 5-page sales letter.  Primarily used for B2B offers and products that require less description (e.g. software).

Case Studies

A problem-solution outcome story featuring a product or service that provides in-depth social proof.

Special Reports (White Papers)

Attract email opt-ins/new leads with a downloadable report that provides a great deal of objectivity before offering company-specific information.

Video Sales Letters

Can run from 2 minutes to 60 minutes in length.  Use these to build up authority with your target market, or make sales.

Website Copy

Use this copy to set the stage for your website and create a compelling experience that leads to more conversions.

My fees for each of these services are based on ...

  1. Scope of Work

  2. Project Deadline

  3. My Current Workload

Please use the "Contact Me" form below if you have a project that you'd like to discuss.

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